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June 27, 2014

World Cup: Yo App Sends Text Alerts When Goals Are Scored


Every four years, the World Cup serves up a thrilling taste of the best footballing talent on the planet, but for developers, the month-long extravaganza is an opportunity to capitalize on soccer fever. And although there was no shortage of apps released during the 2010 tournament, smartphone ownership was leagues below where it’s at now. Mobile-powered football fandom has finally come of age.

The app everyone is talking about this time is “Yo”. It helps subscribers keep track of all the goals scored during the competition by sending text message alerts to users who add the user name “World Cup” to their account.

Unlike other sports news apps, no further information is sent. Yo doesn’t send the name of the scorer, or even which team they’re on. Users receive the titular two-letter greeting as a kind of ‘heads up’ to look out for coverage of the goals. It may sound rather limited, but it’s all part of Yo’s attempt to carve out a ‘contextualized messaging’ niche in a crowded text app marketplace.

Sure, it’s a little gimmicky – but gimmicks have their place, especially if they can claim to shave even a second or two off any of the manifold tasks we perform each day. With contextualized text messages, users can see at a glance that something they are interested in has undergone some sort of development and they should investigate further. There’s no need to even open the message. When it comes to brevity – one of the golden rules of text message marketing – ‘yo’ is as fiendishly efficient as it gets.

The app has already surpassed one million users, despite only being launched earlier this month. And while it’s riding the wave of the world’s most watched sporting event, Yo’s founders hope to carry on finding uses for contextualized SMS.

Company CEO Or Arbel believes major brands like Starbucks could use the ‘Yo’ alert to let customers know their orders are ready. So he’s certainly thinking big. Whether or not such a major brand will favor a start up’s product over their own well-established app remains to be seen, but with millions of “yo” text messages now zipping between smartphones, and an app market more exciting and unpredictable than the World Cup itself, you’d be a fool to dismiss the idea with a red card just yet…

March 26, 2010

AT&T demos app to download DVR content to phones

Very cool demo at CTIA in Las Vegas from AT&T:

Countering over-the-top competitors while also aiming to bridge better ties between its video and wireless offerings, AT&T demonstrated a new mobile application this week at the CTIA show that will let users download their DVR-recorded content for viewing on mobile devices.

The demonstration app, which is in internal beta at AT&T (but not yet with customers), was shown on the iPhone, but AT&T said it wasn’t ready to name the final devices or pricing for the service yet – nor exactly when it would be available. But in an interview, AT&T’s vice president of video services Jeff Weber said the mobile viewing app would let AT&T “take clear competitive advantage of being [both] a TV and wireless provider. It’s as good a [market position] as we can find. It’s a real luxury for me right now to be sitting in my chair with an all IP-based platform” that can deliver video to both the TV and the mobile device, he said.

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January 04, 2010

Is MTV About To Make A TV Show About Sexting?

It seems like every day there's another story in the news about sexting (news search results). It now looks like MTV is going to turn the 18 to 25 demographic's fondness for sexting into a reality TV show:

 MTV News put out a casting call for "people who appear to be between the ages of 18-25 to share their stories" about the latest teen trend: sending text messages or e-mails with sexual images or provocative words.

The network's documentary arm is looking for people who have engaged in sexting, are worried that their private pictures have been disseminated to the masses, have had relationships ruined by sexting or are facing legal trouble from engaging in the activity.

According to a new Pew Research Center study, 15 percent of cellphone owners between 12 and 17 have received nude or partially nude photos on their phones, while four percent admitted to having sent the images themselves.

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September 15, 2009

Coming To A Verizon Wireless Phone This Fall: Live ESPN Mobile TV Game Coverage Of College Football Games

If you've got the right Verizon phone and you're a college football fan, pay attention:

ESPN Mobile TV will stream select college football games live straight to Verizon Wireless customers' mobile phones for sports fans during the regular season from conferences that include the ACC, BIG EAST, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10 and SEC. This month's coverage will include match-ups between UCLA vs. Tennessee this Saturday, Sept. 12 and Utah vs. Oregon next Saturday, Sept. 19. In addition to live game coverage, fans will be able to access highlights, news and updates with V CAST Video, giving them the luxury of catching up on games at their own convenience.

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