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June 01, 2015

5 Creative Ways to Boost Mobile Subscriptions with In-Store Advertising

Text message marketing is an inexpensive way to engage with customers and increase your sales. Mobile phones have become invaluable shopping tools for customers. Approximately 79 percent of mobile owners use their phone for shopping, and around 62 percent use them at least once a month to research potential purchases. These numbers are not just related to online shopping; those who often use their mobile phones as shopping tools spend 25 percent more money in store than those who do not, according to BestBuzz.

If you have a brick and mortar store, restaurant, club, salon, or other business or organization, you can use your space to advertise your mobile program and increase the number of subscriptions. You simply have to follow one or more of the following five creative methods for informing customers about your campaign.

Prominently Display Posters and Flyers

One of the best ways to use your physical space to increase subscriptions to your mobile program is to simply create custom ads and post them in high-traffic areas. You can display signs, banners, and other print advertisements that inform customers of your text message program near your registers, in the bathrooms, on or near the bar, in restaurant menus, at the end of an aisle, and more.

Even a blackboard menu can advertise your text campaign.

Although you do not want to overwhelm your customers, you should have more than one of these custom ads on display to increase awareness.

These ads will be even more successful if you include some special offer or incentive for signing up. Therefore, the best notice will ask your customers to text a keyword to a certain short code for a special discount they can use that day or in the future.

Piggyback on Other Promotions

Another way to capitalize on your in-store advertising is to piggyback off of your other advertisements and promotions. Approximately 70 percent of brand decisions are made in store. In-store advertisements can significantly influence customers' buying decisions.

Whenever you create posters and flyers about a new product, service, or event, consider adding a line about your text updates with a keyword and short code at the bottom. Additionally, you can use your mobile subscriptions as a way for customers to learn more information your products, services or events. On the same posters, add a call to action that encourages customers to text to learn more. Once they have sent a text, they will be subscribed to receive other offers and messages from your business.

Your Employees

You do not just have to advertise on your walls or registers; you can also use your employees to help spread the word. They can wear buttons or nametags with a message about your mobile program. Additionally, the employees can verbally inform customers at the register or other areas of your store about your text message offers and updates to increase awareness.

Have your employees spread the word.

Special Calls to Action on the Receipts

Whether your company is a club, restaurant, store, or other type of business, you probably have some form of receipt available for customers after they make purchases. This is the perfect place to include a message encouraging your customers to opt into your campaign by texting a keyword to a short code. Most people read the receipt at some point to reconcile their bank accounts, so this method can be quite effective for increasing your mobile subscriptions.

Link to Other Social Media Efforts

Another way to advertise your mobile subscription service in store is to tie it into your social media marketing creative. You can offer special promotions for scavenger hunts, check-in, photo tags on social media, and more. You can also add posters with QR codes in your store that will have additional information about an event or product. Integrating your mobile and social media marketing efforts can help you extend your reach.

To make the most of your text marketing efforts, you need to include information about your mobile program in a comprehensive marketing plan. By adding info to your print ads that you already have in store, you can ensure that customers are aware of your text updates, increasing the number of people who will choose to join the list.

Learn more about how SMS messages can increase sales by reading this ClubTexting blog post.

May 29, 2015

Text and Email Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

Each individual channel of customer engagement has its unique benefits, which can be further enhanced by executing a marketing campaign in connection with a complementary channel. Therefore, to get the most out of your marketing plan, you should integrate your methods across channels, especially those that naturally complement one another, such as text and email marketing.

Cross channel marketing improves the success of your campaign.

Many companies do not take advantage integrating these two platforms. According to the Marketing Sherpa 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, only 8 percent of companies integrate SMS with emails, compared to 75 percent who integrate email with their website and 56 percent who integrate it with social media. By omitting cross platform engagement with text and email, you miss out on a lucrative chance to further engage your potential customers and increase your conversion rates. Luckily, there are simple actions you can include in your marketing campaigns to take advantage of the complementary features of the two.

Adding a Mobile Call to Action

You can use your emails to increase your number of SMS message subscribers, while also increasing the level of interaction with your customers. Consider adding a call to action for your customers in your email marketing campaigns to text a keyword to your short code. To further incentivize your customers to participate, you can include an extra perk, such as a discount or offer, that will only be shared by text message.

Have your email customers text a keyword for a special offer.

In the text message response, you can add a link to your website to make it even easier for your customers to redeem any offers and patronize your business.

Follow up Your Emails with SMS Reminders

Another way that your SMS marketing efforts can complement your email blasts is to send a follow up reminder to your email subscribers via text message. According to research from SinglePoint, text message open rates are around 99 percent, compared to about 33 percent for email marketing. Therefore, many of your customers may never actually read your emails or engage with your company. By following up your email blasts with text messages, you can increase the number of people who see the message, while also reminding those who have already read the email to take action.

For example, you can send emails to your customer base about a special event, sale, or an offer. Then, you can follow up via text message after a period of time to remind them about the email offer or upcoming event. This works not only for businesses but also for shows and clubs. Your text messages will work as a reminder about your event or sale, increasing the number of participants.

Time Sensitive Offers to Mobile Subscribers

Statistics show that people respond to text messages much faster than emails. Therefore, you can take advantage by sending out special offers via text that are time sensitive.

Use texts for time sensitive deals and alerts.

For example, you can distribute discounts for event registration or offers for items that can only be redeemed that day. If you are a restaurant or club owner, you may want to send out discounts for a specific mealtime, such as lunch, happy hour, or dinner.

Integrating the Two

It is not just your text message campaigns that can complement your emails, but your emails can also have a role in complementing your SMS messages. You are limited in the number of characters you can include via text message. Most experts agree you should only send between 100 and 140 characters, which means that your message has to be short and sweet. However, you can extend your message by incorporating links with more information.

Add a link at the bottom of your text message for further information.

Additionally, you can provide a call to action where those who are interested can sign up to receive more information via email.

Email and SMS marketing easily integrate and complement one another to enhance the success of your marketing campaign. You can also easily integrate other channels into your marketing efforts, including social media and in-store advertising. By developing a cross-channel campaign, you can create additional avenues for engaging with your customers and increase your conversion rates and customer base.

Try ClubTexting for free to see how well text message marketing can work for your business.

May 26, 2015

5 Tips for Increasing Personalization in Your Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Personalizing your text message marketing campaigns can boost customer engagement.

Everyone knows how to send and open a text message. Even toddlers seem to be whizzes at this practice. But when it comes to setting up a killer text message marketing campaign, there are a few important things to consider. Rather than blasting out a generic text to everyone, personalizing the experience can help make your campaign more effective.

Here are 5 tips to help you boost the personalization of your text message marketing efforts.

1. Find Out Where Customers Are Located

It's simple to find out where your customers are located geographically. Tapping into location information can help you increase the personalized experiences customers get with your text messaging campaign.

A lot of key players are already using location data. Take Starbucks for example. The coffee giant asks customers to share their location via mobile, after which a map with nearby stores will populate. It's simple, painless, and gives customers exactly what they're looking for. As long as customers understand that there's a benefit to them taking action, they won't mind offering up their location.

2. Conduct Surveys to Learn More About Your Users

Encouraging mobile subscribers to take part in a poll can provide you with valuable insight and help you personalize your text message marketing. Text message polls can be effectively used to ask a bunch of carefully thought-out questions that collect specific information about your users interests and buying behaviors.

You can then use these responses to tailor specific texts and responses you send out to particular customer segments in order to create a more personalized experience for your users.

3. Identify Subscribers With Opt-Ins

Opting-in automatically turns your potential customers into subscribers, which is ideal for personalizing your SMS marketing campaign. When people opt-in, they do so using specific keywords, which provide important info for text message marketers.

Consumers are more apt to respond to more personalized texts as opposed to generic text message blasts.

After you've grown your subscriber list, you can then personalize their experience by using customized features, like specific product recommendations that you pull together based on past purchase data. When your subscribers see the benefits of being part of your list, they'll be more inclined to continue communicating with your business via text. They may even tell their friends about it!

4. Keep Tabs on Levels of Customer Engagement

It's important and helpful to pay close attention to how often your users engage with your marketing efforts. You want to be able to identify whether or not users are opening your messages and responding.

If they're not engaging at all, or as often as you would have hoped, you need to tweak things a bit. Perhaps the offer itself needs to be changed, or the call to action needs to be modified. If their engagement levels go up, you know you've piqued their interest. If not, keep testing until you've found that sweet spot.

5. Determine Your Customers' Personal Preferences

Your users can customize their preferences for you if you give them options to choose from. For example, you can ask your users which product lines are interesting to them. After they've provided their answer, you'll then have a clear indication of which offers you should be sending them.

Personalizing your text message communications will provide your customers with a more enjoyable experience without being intrusive. Text messaging is more than just a method of communication; it's also a way to collect pertinent information about your customers that you can then use to boost the relevancy of your future marketing campaigns.

Make Text Message Marketing Work For Your Business

Text message marketing has transformed the world of advertising. This method of communication is highly affordable, extremely effective, and easy to implement. With the right SMS marketing services, you can get your campaign up and running in no time. At Club Texting, we cover every angle of text marketing so your business can see immediate results.

Ready to reap the rewards of text message marketing? Try Club Texting for free today!

May 21, 2015

How to Write More Compelling Calls to Action

A strong call to action should encourage your customers to take the next step.

Text marketing is an effective way to reach customers, and should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. It's also quite affordable and easy to set up campaigns. But in order to get the most from your text marketing efforts, you need a solid call to action in your messages.

Your call to action is a simple statement that can make or break your entire text marketing campaign. It should tell your mobile subscribers what to do next, and why they should do it. Consider the following three suggestions when crafting your call to action.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Don't give your viewers time to think about whether or not they should act on your offer. Instead, encourage them to act immediately. Generating a sense of urgency makes your viewers feel as if they'll miss out on a great opportunity if they don't move right away. Setting up a limited window of time for your mobile subscribers to take advantage of your offer will boost your redemption rates.

For instance, "Show this message at the checkout within 24 hours to get 25 percent off your purchase" tells your readers that in order to reap the benefits of the offer, they've got to act right away or they'll lose out. By crafting a limited-time call to action, you can effectively increase your redemption rates. Don't give your viewers the option to wait and think about it.

Tell Your Customer Why They'll Benefit

The best calls to action create value for customers. Your mobile subscribers enjoy feeling as though they are receiving special benefits from participating in your mobile program.

A compelling call to action will entice readers to follow through with your offer.

Focus your call to action on the benefits for customers. Don't just say "Buy Now" or "Subscribe Today." You've got to show your mobile subscribers why they should buy or subscribe. "Buy now to receive 20 percent off," or "Subscribe today to gain exclusive access" are better examples that include a clear benefit of why your text message recipient should act on your offer.

Be Clear and Direct

A call to action should be clearly understood by the reader. Vague directions will do little to compel a person to take action. An obscure, uninspiring "click here" message isn't going to entice anyone to venture off to your landing page. Instead, the statement should make it clear what it is you want your reader to do in order to reap the benefits.

For instance, a message along the lines of "Add to your cart now to save 25 percent on your purchase" cannot be misinterpreted. It's clear, direct, and to-the-point while identifying the benefits that will come along with that action. The specific language that you use in your call to action must be too tempting to ignore.

Set Up Your Text Marketing Campaign With Club Texting!

Text message marketing is an effective way to reach new customers and retain existing ones, but it's important to use it to its fullest potential. At Club Texting, we can help you develop a solid SMS marketing plan that will result in high conversions.

Club Texting can help you reach hundreds of thousands of viewers in seconds. Try Club Texting for free with no obligation to find out how!

May 18, 2015

3 Ways Text Marketing Can Benefit Your Radio Station

Text marketing gives radio stations a much better way to stay connected with their audiences.

It happens all the time - a radio station listener calls in to win concert tickets for a sold-out show but gets nothing but a busy signal, over and over. At some point, the listener may become frustrated and give up trying.

That's not exactly how you would want your listeners to feel, is it?

Thankfully, there's a way to open up the floodgates of communication between radio station DJs and listeners, and boost the overall number of listeners all at the same time!

It's called text marketing, and it's helping radio stations all over the country improve their listeners' call-in experiences, and help to increase the number of people tuning in. More listeners means increased advertising revenue for radio stations. If your radio station isn't already tapping into this communication goldmine, here are just a few reasons why you should.

1. Make it Easy For Listeners and DJs to Communicate With Each Other

Whether your listeners want to call in to request a specific song or answer a trivia question to win a prize, opening the lines of communication via text message makes it a lot easier for listeners to be heard. Imagine how many more participants your station would have by incorporating a text feature, rather than relying on a phone-in option alone for listeners to get in touch.

The easier it is for listeners to get through to DJs, the more interaction there will be with your radio station. This will help your business grow more quickly. What radio station team wouldn't want to boost engagement with listeners? Mobile marketing gives listeners a much better and easier way to communicate with your radio station anytime, anywhere. It's a win-win for your customers and your business.

2. Get More Ears on Your Station

Adding an element of mobile communication to your radio station can help generate serious ratings. Not only does text marketing get your name out there, it also helps to encourage and foster engaged listenership through all the offers and promotions you send out via text.

Use text marketing to give your radio station a boost.

For instance, if your station is holding a contest, you could include in your response something along the lines of, "Tune in during tomorrow's morning show to see if you're a winner!" A short message like this will entice your text recipients to listen to your station. It gives them a gentle little nudge to tune in, keeping listenership - and ratings - up.

3. Every Listener Who Texts Opts-In to Your Station's Mobile Program

Using text messages can give you that extra edge that can boost the number of listener opt-ins and grow your customer database. No matter what the reason for listeners texting in, your database automatically grows.

These are the most valuable listeners: those who have opted-in to your radio station database. These are the people who you can directly market to through a broadcast text message in the future. As your database of subscribers continues to grow, you can develop new streams of marketing revenue by sending text-based ads and promotions to the subscribers on your list.

Tap Into the Benefits of Text Message Marketing With Club Texting

Staying constantly connected with your listeners is a benefit that cannot be measured. That's what a radio station is all about. By improving the lines of communication between your station and your listeners, your business can hit the high notes.

At Club Texting, we can show you how your radio station can benefit from text message marketing. The options on how you choose to use text messaging to boost business are seemingly endless, and really are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Run a contest so listeners can text a short code for a chance to win a prize, send bulk texts offering free entry to events, give away tickets to contests, send traffic updates, or allow listeners to vote for the next song to be played. There are so many approaches you can take to really make text marketing work for you, and at Club Texting, we can help support these efforts.

Text message marketing with Club Texting is simple, affordable, and extremely effective. Try Club Texting for free today!

May 14, 2015

The Basics of Using Keywords In Your Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Keywords are a powerful tool when it comes to developing a successful text message marketing campaign.

By now, you're probably familiar with text message marketing, or perhaps you've heard bits and pieces about it.

This unique marketing method is quite popular these days. It's inexpensive and effective - two solid reasons to jump on the text message marketing bandwagon. People are constantly connected to their mobile devices; you may as well capitalize on this fact and put your brand in front of them via text.

But like any other form of marketing, some text message campaigns are more successful than others. When creating a campaign, it's important to remember the fast-paced nature of this mode of communication. People are constantly on the go. They aren't interested in reading long-winded text message advertisements which aren't relevant to them. Instead, for them to absorb the information presented, messages have to be interesting and easily digestible. Therein lies the magic of mobile keywords in text message marketing.

By incorporating keywords in your text message marketing campaign, you can gather mobile numbers quickly and easily so your audience can be delivered bite-sized, relevant, and digestible pieces of information.

What Exactly Are 'Keywords' in the World of Text Marketing?

Keywords are at the heart of text message marketing. A keyword is a unique word that people use to communicate with you via short code. Certain keywords are associated with specific short codes.

In simpler terms, the same keyword can actually be used across a number of short codes. When paired with a short code, a keyword (typically a 5- or 6-digit set of numbers/letters) allows mobile phone users to text a message to the short code. Basically, the keyword is what identifies your product/service/business.

By pairing a keyword to a short code, your customers can easily and quickly communicate with your business, all at a very minimal cost to you.

How Do Mobile Keywords Work?

When people send your keyword through an SMS text message to a short code, they can get more info about a specific type of product or service which interests them, and be added to your contact list via subscription. After they've fired off their texts, users will receive an automated response message, and their phone numbers will be added to your distribution list.

Keywords and short codes make it easy and fast to identify your brand.

This info can be used for any future marketing campaigns your business creates, and can be modified at any time.

Why Should Business Owners Use Mobile Keywords?

Making good use of keywords and short codes in your text message marketing campaigns can improve your reach and increase customer engagement. You can slip your short codes and keywords into advertisements, brochures, pamphlets, or emails, depending on what marketing channels your business is using to connect with customers. In a snap, you can connect with your audience via mobile, regardless of where they happen to be.

Follow-up text messages can be sent within a certain amount of time after someone signs up, which will help you stay connected to your audience to keep your business top of mind. As soon as someone joins your subscriber list, you can be alerted via email or text so you can keep tabs on how well your marketing campaigns are working in real time.

Keywords are unique to your business. That way, when a user texts this specific number/word, it will connect them directly to you, and they will be automatically added to your contact list in order to receive relevant offers via your company's mobile program.

Let's use the soft drink giant Pepsi as an example. The company tells their audience to text the keyword "PEPSIMAX" to 710710 (the brand's unique short code). Once users do this, they have access to text message offers and incentives from the brand, AND they're automatically added to the company's list of contacts. Pretty neat, huh? Neat, and effective. If Pepsi is doing it, why shouldn't you?

Tap Into the Power of Mobile Keywords With Club Texting

For nearly a decade, Club Texting has been an industry leader in text message marketing. We've helped countless clients come up with effective and affordable text message marketing campaigns. We make smart use of mobile keywords and use these powerful little characters to lay the groundwork for a successful marketing campaign.

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May 11, 2015

5 Ways Your Business Can Use SMS Messages to Increase Sales

SMS message marketing can help businesses easily connect with target audiences and boost sales.

More than 90 percent of adults in the U.S. keep their smartphones within arm's reach. Over 95 percent of text messages are read within a few minutes of receipt. About 90 percent of mobile searches lead consumers to take action.

Have these figures caught your attention?

In case you aren't already familiar with SMS message marketing, this method of communicating with customers is taking the marketing world by storm. It's effective, affordable, and it's easy to create a campaign. More and more businesses are using this mobile marketing method to reach customers and drive sales.

Whether your business sells shoes, electronics, or sandwiches, here are five ways approaches to text message marketing that can help boost your sales.

1. Create Limited Time Offer Campaigns

Nothing creates a stronger sense of urgency than advertising something that will disappear soon. When the clock is ticking, customers will feel compelled to jump on an offer before it's too late. People just can't help themselves when it comes to highly attractive deals with a tight time frame for redemption.

Offering a limited time deal to your customers will pique their interest and entice them to redeem your offer. For example, "50% Off for 48 Hours Only" will nudge your customers to take action if you've indicated that the offer is only available within a short window of time.

2. Let Your Customers Know about Special Promotions

If your business usually runs special promotions during certain seasons or months, text message marketing can work well for you. For instance, if you're a clothing retailer, you might want to consider running exclusive promotions on certain summer items, and using text messages to inform your customers about these seasonal specials. If you've already established a list of mobile subscribers, you can create an SMS message marketing campaign to let your customers know about the special summer deals that will fade away as quickly as the season itself.

Sharing information through text messages allows you to notify your customers directly about your promotion, as opposed to print ads or TV commercials. Delivering your marketing messages via text helps ensure your audience is actually reading what you have to say.

3. Make Your Subscribers Feel Important

It goes without saying that everyone wants to feel valued, including your customers. Turn the tables and think about your experiences as a customer, and how businesses made you feel in the past. The most positive and memorable experiences are probably the ones where the businesses made you feel valued. So why not do the same for your customers? With SMS message marketing, you can make your customers feel important and attract their attention by using an element of exclusivity.

Texting your customers about promotions and exclusive products can significantly increase open rates.

For example, you can send your best customers VIP offers and exclusive discounts to make them feel as though they are part of a special group that has access to something unique which is not available to the public. Make them feel special, and it may help to boost your conversion rates.

4. Make Them an Offer They Can't Turn Down

Create a compelling offer for your customers that they simply cannot turn down. Do something for them that will convince them to buy from you. Whatever you're offering needs to be something that your customers will perceive as something of value; something which they simply cannot pass up. Without a compelling call to action, your customers aren't exactly going to jump out of their seats to redeem your offer.

5. Boost Effectiveness With Cross Promotion

Why not integrate your mobile marketing efforts with other marketing channels you've already got in place? An integrated approach can help you attract a bigger audience, which can seriously boost sales. For example, if you've already got an email marketing strategy in place, consider using this channel to inform your customers about your new mobile program. You can create buzz around your mobile communications program via your business website, social media profiles, and print ad campaigns.

Mobile can be used to send short, time-sensitive text messages about everything from appointment reminders to last-minute sales. Adopting a cross-channel promotion strategy can help you increase the effectiveness of your mobile marketing efforts.

Don't Waste Another Minute: Start Raking in the Sales With SMS Message Marketing

We've explained to you what SMS message marketing can do to drive sales for your business, so why delay? At Club Texting, we can help you launch your first text message marketing campaign quickly, and at a low cost to your business.

To get a feel for how helpful SMS marketing can be for your business, try Club Texting free today!

Author Bio:

Lisa Simonelli Rennie is a freelance web content creator who enjoys writing on all sorts of topics, including online marketing, social media advertising, personal finance, and anything to do with the internet industry.

May 07, 2015

Get Connected: How Text Message Marketing Helps Build Customer Loyalty

SMS text messaging can help your business build customer loyalty.

If you aren't already using text messages to connect with your customers, you need to start right now!

Developing a loyal customer base is a huge priority for companies. After all, it's these customers who keep bringing in the business. Sure, there are many ways to go about building customer loyalty, but none are quite as affordable and effective as text message marketing.

Here's a look at why this approach to marketing is so effective for building customer loyalty, and why you need to tap into it sooner rather than later.

95 Percent of Your Customers Open and Read Your Text Messages Within 3 Minutes

With so many people having their own mobile devices and checking them countless times each day, it just makes sense for businesses to use this platform to reach out to new and existing customers.

Here's an interesting fact: 95 out of 100 of your customers who have opted in to receive messages from your business will actually open and read them within 3 short minutes. What business owner wouldn't want to capitalize on that hearty number?

Think about how you react to a text message. You probably read it soon after it comes through, right? With text message marketing, not only will you reap the benefits of having constant contact with your customers, you can also offer promotions and exclusive products that they can take advantage of right away.

Boosting Conversions With Text Message Marketing

People opt in to receive text message communications from your business because they are interested in what you have to say. When your mobile subscribers hear from you regularly, they'll be more likely to take action on whatever it is you're asking them to do. Whether you're sending them a promotion, coupon, or access to an exclusive product, your message will encourage them to engage with your business and redeem your offer.

The average response time after receipt of a text message is approximately 90 seconds. By comparison, it takes 90 minutes on average for someone to respond to an email. The boost in conversions that are associated with text marketing as compared with other forms of communication is well worth the effort, and a good reason to get started with your first campaign.

Identify Your Promotions and Segment Your Audience Appropriately

Everyone familiar with marketing knows the importance of segmenting audiences in order to create more personalized, relevant ads. With a text message marketing campaign, you can effectively reach out to different customer segments, whether they're first-time shoppers, loyal VIPs, or customers who haven't visited your store in a while.

Text message marketing has helped companies realize exponential growth in business.

Over time, you can use past purchasing data and track the results of previous marketing campaigns to decide which group of people will be more receptive to certain deals and promotions you're offering. If the offer is enticing enough for your customers to bite - such as 30 percent off a product or a free item with purchase - you will realistically see a huge response to your text message marketing efforts.

Accurately segmenting your list of permission-based mobile subscribers is an important step towards improving the relevancy of your text message ads. Using customer data to inform your campaigns helps improve relevancy and drive sales over time.

Use the Proper Context in Your Messages to Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

You can decide when and how often to text your customers based on several factors, depending on the type of business you operate and the specific promotion. For example, if you own a restaurant that's known for its dinner specials, you could send out a text in the middle of the afternoon when people are thinking about their dinner plans. This ensures that the text message is appropriate and effective.

Join Thousands of Businesses Who Have Already Reaped the Benefits of a Text Message Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest benefits of text message marketing is that your offers sent via text are actually being read by your customers on the spot. This can effectively send customers to your store to redeem your offers a lot more quickly, as compared with other marketing platforms.

At Club Texting, we can work with your business to develop the ideal text message marketing campaign with our affordable, easy-to-use services that can help you reach hordes of customers, both new and existing.

Whether you're a realtor, club owner, retailer or event promoter, our text messaging service is the perfect communications solution for your business advertising needs. If you are interested in promoting an upcoming contest, enticing customers with special offers, or conducting polls, Club Texting can help you accomplish your communication goals.

So what are you waiting for? Give Club Texting a try for free today!

Author Bio:

Lisa Simonelli Rennie is a freelance web content creator who enjoys writing on all sorts of topics, including online marketing, social media advertising, personal finance, and anything to do with the internet industry.

May 04, 2015

How Nightclub Owners Can Get the Party Started with SMS Messaging

SMS messages can help you attract more guests for special events at your nightclub.

The dance floor is packed, the DJ is spinning a compilation of music that has the crowd feeling energized and excited, everybody is having a great time, and the drinks are flowing. It's every nightclub owners' idea of a perfect evening. If you are searching for ways to get the party started at your club, there are a number of approaches you can take. As mobile has become more popular, forward-thinking club owners have been using SMS messaging to reach more patrons. Here are some of the ways you can use SMS messaging to increase foot traffic to your nightclub for special events.

Build Your Mobile Subscriber List

One of the biggest challenges for business owners who are exploring how to use mobile marketing to connect with customers is creating a mobile subscriber list. Building a large list typically takes some time, but there are a few things you can do make the process easier. Consider launching a cross-channel marketing effort. Create a long code campaign with a mobile communications provider, and place compelling calls to action encouraging people to text to subscribe to your mobile list on your print and online promotions. Employing a cross-channel strategy is a good way to increase sign-ups for your SMS messaging campaigns.

Offer Something Unique and Exciting

It goes without saying that every person loves feeling valued and special. The same goes for your customers. If you want to get their attention with SMS messaging, offering them something appealing is a good way to do it. Consider creating a VIP offer campaign to pique your mobile subscribers' interest. There are several ways you could structure your campaign, from sharing a VIP coupon for a free drink, offering exclusive reserved seating, or waiving the cover charge for the first hundred customers who reply to your message. Create an offer that your potential patrons simply won't be able to refuse!

Send Reminders to Your Mobile Contacts

If you decide to use SMS messaging for your event promotions, informing your mobile subscribers about upcoming events a couple weeks prior is a good rule of thumb. This gives them plenty of lead time and allows them to connect with friends and make plans to attend. But don't just send them one SMS message and leave it at that. Consider reminding your mobile subscribers about your event as the day draws closer. This will help keep it fresh in their minds so they don't forget that it's happening. A little reminder goes a long way when it comes to boosting event attendance.

Remind your mobile subscribers about upcoming events with well-timed SMS messages.

If you are interested in giving your marketing efforts a boost to attract more customers to your nightclub, SMS messaging is a great way to do it. Club owners can use cross-channel marketing strategies to build their mobile subscriber lists, and then create SMS messaging campaigns which help build momentum in the weeks and days leading up to events. Are you ready to get started with text message marketing for your nightclub? Try Club Texting for free today!

May 01, 2015

4 Ways Convention Planners Can Benefit From Text Messaging

Mobile can help you simplify the process of planning an expo or convention.

Imagine for a moment how challenging it is to plan a large convention. You have hundreds of attendees all under one roof, with countless speakers, simultaneous events, and you are charged with keeping everything organized and sticking to a strict schedule. Convention planning can be a high stress job, and the best planners are always searching for ways to make life easier for their team. If you regularly plan large events, there are several ways that text messaging can help you keep things running smoothly. Here are four ways convention planners can use text messages to simplify their lives.

Keeping Things on Schedule

There are often multiple events happening at once during a large convention. Moving people from Point A to Point B in order to stay on schedule can be challenging. Event planners can use bulk text messaging to communicate with conference attendees about the day's agenda, reminding them of start times for sessions they've signed up to attend. This can help reduce the instances of people arriving late or missing out on sessions altogether.

Communication among Team Members

If you regularly attend conventions, you can attest to the fact that they are often held in giant buildings. To give you an idea of how large these venues can be, the Boston-based Hynes Convention Center spans over 176,000 square feet. One of the biggest challenges for convention planners is staying in touch with their staff during their event. Team members are often spread out across large buildings, and convention planners can use text messaging to keep the lines of communication open with staff.

Increasing Audience Participation during Q&A Sessions

Question and answer sessions at large events are often fast-moving, and it's important to stay organized to keep these discussions running smoothly. As mobile technology has advanced, many convention planners have begun using text messaging to collect questions from the audience during Q&A sessions. Not only does this help encourage audience participation, it also helps you organize your sessions more effectively. It's an approach worth considering if you are looking for more effective ways to manage your question and answer discussions.

Gathering Attendee Feedback

Every convention planner wants feedback on their event. Input from attendees is helpful because it provides planners with valuable insights into what worked well for participants and what they can improve upon at their next event. Instead of gathering feedback solely via paper surveys, some event planners are using mobile to collect participant input as well. Text message polls can be set up quickly and sent to convention attendees. The process is simple and in many cases, feedback comes through almost immediately.

Text message polls can be used in addition to paper surveys to gather feedback from attendees.

Mobile technology can make your life as a convention planner much easier. Text messaging can help you keep things on schedule, improve communication among your team members, increase participation in panel discussions and Q&A sessions, or collect valuable feedback from your attendees. Are you interested in working with a mobile communications provider to help your events run more smoothly? Try Club Texting for free today.