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August 31, 2015

Eight Ways Technology Has Improved Air Travel


Without a doubt, technology has streamlined everything in our lives from business to pleasure. Air travel is no exception: airlines are spending money to improve their customers’ experience. We’ve all heard about the advancements in in-flight entertainment, seats that convert into beds, and the all-important increase in leg room for the average passenger. But what about advancements for the tech-savvy traveler? Well, here we have compiled eight ways in which technology has improved air travel in recent memory.


1. Digital Check In. 

Nowadays about 9% of air travelers use digital tablets or smartphones to check in before boarding a flight, rather than checking in directly once they reach their terminal. Researchers from SITA, a multinational airline technology company, expect that figure to balloon to 24% in the next three years.


2. Social Media Seating. 

Imagine a flight where you already know a thing or two about your neighboring fliers! Launched in 2012 by KLM Airlines, the Meet & Seat program has garnered much acclaim from various participants. In essence, the Meet & Seat program to allows its fliers to select seatmates based on shared interests via Facebook or LinkedIn. 


3.Booking Flights Via Mobile.

Expedia recently reported that 48% of mobile users employ their devices for aspirational travel research. In addition, there are several apps available that cater to air traveling consumers. For example, Appi Holidays is a consumer travel app that allows a user to create their perfect holiday by providing them with a plethora of destination options and activities – ones that are either well-known or a little off the beaten path. 


4. Baggage-Related Technology.

Foremost, airlines have been offering automatic luggage drop-off machines more commonly. By 2018, 74% of airline companies are expected to offer the service (from 17% today). Also by 2018, it is likely that 70% of carriers will be able to give passengers regular updates on the location of their baggage, via their smartphones (up from only 10% today). 


5. In-Flight Entertainment Improvements. 

Several airlines have been experimenting with this. Virgin America offers a seat-to-seat chatting system, where fliers can message others onboard and order drinks, as well as watch movies or TV, listen to music, shop, play games, or look at Google Maps. Singapore Airlines offers a similar service, fit with a USB device to look at your own personal media. Finally, Emirates and Qatar Airways have exhaustive entertainment options, with over 1500 differing types/channels of entertainment each!


6. Social Media Impact on Air Travel. 

Facebook has changed the way people decide where to go on a vacation. 52% of users report that their prospective holiday destination ideas came from photos and status updates they witnessed in their Facebook feed. And since two-thirds of all air travelers have social media accounts, there has never been a better time for airlines to be active on social media channels.  


7. Airport Beacons. 

Many airports around the world have started to use beacon technology to improve customers’ experience. Using Bluetooth technology, travelers can use special apps to access maps of airports, as well as navigate their way to the check-in desk in their terminal.


8. In-Flight IPad Rentals. 

There are a few airlines that have begun to experiment with iPad rentals, among them OpenSkies, Qantas, Jetstar, Philippine Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines. While a few of these services are free for longer flights, the average fee is ten to fifteen dollars per rental.


We no longer live in the dark ages, where passengers are provided a tiny seat with very little legroom. With the amount of tech that has grown to be a part of our personal lives, we can expect to see a great deal more technology in the works for airlines – all for the benefit of the everyday passenger.

July 14, 2015

3 Ways to Increase Leads and Engagement with Text Messaging

Businesses always need to stay a step ahead of the competition, and coming up with new and creative ways to drive traffic to our sites is one way to increase your customer base and, therefore, sales. Right now there is no hotter market than mobile and text messaging.

Read on to learn about three of the most effective ways to drive more traffic and conversions to your business through the use of text messaging, while also integrating your SMS marketing with some of the most commonly used methods in marketing today.

Podcast Call to Action

Podcasting is growing at a massive rate, and millions of people are listening to various podcasts for the first time every single day. As podcasting audiences continue to grow, more entrepreneurs, marketers and businesses are discovering ways to connect and engage with these audiences.

An excellent way to include a commercial spot or call to action within a podcast is with text messaging. During a commercial break or at the end of a podcast episode, the host can say, "To learn more about XYZ, send a text to..." which you can then follow up with the number and your site URL.

Most people listen to podcasts through their mobile devices, so they'll already have their phones in their hands, making it easy to send a simple text in a moment's notice.

Keynotes and Conference Sessions

No matter how quickly the Internet continues to grow, there will always be live events, meetings and conferences throughout the world. At the end of most keynotes and sessions, the speaker will display a slide on the screen with their contact information, email or site address. While this is good in theory, 99% of people will forget to jot down this information before they leave the room.

A better alternative is for the speaker to spend a minute telling the audience to text a certain number with a specific message to get a free report or something else of value. By performing this call to action during a live session and giving everyone a minute to whip out their mobile devices and take action, the speaker will likely see a significant engagement response.

Now imagine how effective this can be when speaking to 500-1,000 individuals!

Webinar Notifications

As marketers continue to find exciting ways to deliver their messages and build new audiences, webinars have been on the upward trend. A webinar in a live event held online, usually with one or two presenters and hundreds of attendees viewing a slideshow or other type of presentation. The concept is simple, but getting people to attend the live event can be tricky.

When someone registers for a live webinar, the user usually provides their name and email address. An email is then sent an hour before the webinar to remind everyone to attend.

A better way to get more webinar attendees is by also asking for a mobile number so a text alert can be sent before your event takes place. Since text alerts and notifications are almost always instantly read, there is no better way to increase attendance to live webinars.

Text Messaging Isn't the Future, It's Now

Text messaging is all about engagement and getting users to take action. When implementing text messaging in your existing brand or business, be sure to provide value and a relevant call to action. There is simply no better way to see faster results than through a direct message to your consumers' mobile devices.

Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience and always looks ahead for latest ways to increase brand engagement and awareness. Learn more about Zac and his latest "How to Start a Blog" project at

June 24, 2015

Lightning Fast Feedback: How SMS Polls Can Benefit Your Business

To grow as a business, you need to recognize and respond to the needs and wants of your customer base. Your employees are not expected to be mind readers, which is why market research is such a valuable commodity. There are many different channels in which you can conduct a survey or user poll with your customers, including email, online, traditional mail, mobile apps, and text messages.

Surveys are an important component of market research.

More and more companies and organizations are turning to mass SMS for a better way to collect customer feedback, in addition to reaping the benefits of its marketing applications. Between its ease of application and higher response rates, there are many reasons to turn to mass SMS polls to find ways to improve your business, whether you are looking for ideas on new products or feedback on your performance.

Simple Set Up

One benefit of text message polls is that they have a simple set up, with no difficult coding required and the ability to create a message and send it to your customers in a matter of minutes. You only have to set up a few different keywords for each poll response. Then, you can compare the number of responders to each keyword to see which one is the most popular. Additionally, if you already have an online survey developed, you can simply text the link to your customers. It may be simple to set up, but it is also a flexible medium that allows you to develop a variety of polls and surveys to match your company's needs.

Immediate Feedback

Not only can you send out your poll or survey quickly, but you also benefit from immediate feedback with text messages. Text messages have a 98 percent open rate, and 90 percent are read within 3 minutes. Because people read texts so quickly, it also improves the speed at which they respond to your poll. A pilot study of the efficacy of text message surveys in low-income populations by BMC Public Health found that most people who responded to the survey did so within a short period of receipt. This quick response ensures you will get the data you need quickly.

No need to wait for SMS survey responses.

More Responses

More people choose to respond to polls and surveys with mass SMS than other channels. Because people prefer surveys through text over other mediums, they are more likely to not just respond but also answer more of the questions. The same BMC Public Health study found that people responded to 72 percent of multiple choice questions and 76 percent of Likert-like scale questions when using text messages.

Higher Quality Information

Not only will you get more responses when you use your mass SMS system for polls and surveys, but you also will get higher quality feedback and information. In another study done in collaboration between the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and New School University, researchers found that when interview-type surveys were done via SMS, the answers were of higher quality than when done through a voice interview, even if it was an automated system and not a real person.

Most likely, this is due to people feeling more comfortable with answering questions via text than verbally responding. Additionally, they can answer the questions in their own time, putting more thought and effort into it. With higher quality responses, you will have better information off of which to work when developing new policies, programs, products, or other changes to your business.

Easy to Use Analytics

Mass text messaging services also offer easy to read analytic data, which makes it easy for you to analyze the responses and act upon the data. Another benefit is real-time access to data, instead of having to wait for responses to come in and compile the information as you would with a paper survey. This allows you to start taking action immediately, if you feel it is necessary based upon the results.

If you are looking for an easy way to engage with your customers and find out their feelings about some aspect of your company, whether it is your customer support capabilities or a new product or service, the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to do it is to conduct mass SMS polls. You can rely on the findings because you will have a larger response rate and better information.

Learn more about how texting can help your business in this informative Club Texting blog post.

June 18, 2015

5 Steps for Achieving Success with Your First Text Marketing Campaign

Over the past few years, mobile technology has seen exponential growth. Since 2013, spending on mobile marketing has grown 100 percent, according to Mobile Marketing Watch. Although many businesses have already jumped on board, there are still some companies missing out on this lucrative opportunity. Luckily, it is never too late to join the trend and reap the many benefits of text message marketing for your business. You simply have to follow five simple steps to achieve success.

Plan Your Strategy

Before you put the steps into motion to begin your text marketing campaign, take some time to plan your strategy. You should recognize what your goals are, such as building membership, attracting customers, driving sales, or some other business goal. This will allow you create a comprehensive plan of action in order to meet your goals.

Don't forget about the important planning stage when you start your first campaign.

You should also determine whether or not you plan to use text messages as a standalone tool or to complement your other marketing efforts, such as social media and email campaigns.

Choose the Right Mobile Communications Firm

Once you have an idea of your goals and process, you should shop around for the right mobile communications firm. The cost is not the only consideration you should make as you're deciding on a partner for your business. Different firms offer different features, including sharing or unique short codes, text to email options, and more. It's important to find a company whose products and services match your needs.

Build a Mobile Subscriber List

According to the FCC guidelines, anyone to whom you send a marketing text must have given written permission to your business. This means it is essential that you first build your mobile subscriber list before you start to distribute text messages.

Make sure to get permission before starting.

Even if you have permission to send email or have their number from another campaign, you still cannot use their number unless they have opted into the campaign. You also need to provide easy access to the terms and conditions and an easy-to-use opt out.

Create a Compelling Offer for Customers

The best way to build your subscription list is to share a compelling offer with customers as an incentive for joining your mobile program. For example, you could have a call to action in an advertisement that offers 20 percent off for texting a keyword to your short code or number.

When creating your offer, make sure it will be lucrative to customers.

Creating compelling offers does not end once you have started your campaign. You will need to continue to share special deals and other valuable messages, such as tips and reminders, to make the most of your text marketing efforts and engage with your customers over time.

Keep Your Messages Simple and Clear

When you create your text messages, it's important to stay within the 160 character limit. You also want to be sure that your message comes across without any confusion. Therefore, you should never use any abbreviations or text speak, even though it helps you say more in fewer characters. Not everyone understands these terms, and you run the risk of confusing your mobile subscribers.

You can start a successful mobile marketing effort in no time. Proper planning can help ensure that you create the right foundation for an effective text messaging campaign. If you are ready to take the first step, try Club Texting for free.

May 18, 2015

3 Ways Text Marketing Can Benefit Your Radio Station

Text marketing gives radio stations a much better way to stay connected with their audiences.

It happens all the time - a radio station listener calls in to win concert tickets for a sold-out show but gets nothing but a busy signal, over and over. At some point, the listener may become frustrated and give up trying.

That's not exactly how you would want your listeners to feel, is it?

Thankfully, there's a way to open up the floodgates of communication between radio station DJs and listeners, and boost the overall number of listeners all at the same time!

It's called text marketing, and it's helping radio stations all over the country improve their listeners' call-in experiences, and help to increase the number of people tuning in. More listeners means increased advertising revenue for radio stations. If your radio station isn't already tapping into this communication goldmine, here are just a few reasons why you should.

1. Make it Easy For Listeners and DJs to Communicate With Each Other

Whether your listeners want to call in to request a specific song or answer a trivia question to win a prize, opening the lines of communication via text message makes it a lot easier for listeners to be heard. Imagine how many more participants your station would have by incorporating a text feature, rather than relying on a phone-in option alone for listeners to get in touch.

The easier it is for listeners to get through to DJs, the more interaction there will be with your radio station. This will help your business grow more quickly. What radio station team wouldn't want to boost engagement with listeners? Mobile marketing gives listeners a much better and easier way to communicate with your radio station anytime, anywhere. It's a win-win for your customers and your business.

2. Get More Ears on Your Station

Adding an element of mobile communication to your radio station can help generate serious ratings. Not only does text marketing get your name out there, it also helps to encourage and foster engaged listenership through all the offers and promotions you send out via text.

Use text marketing to give your radio station a boost.

For instance, if your station is holding a contest, you could include in your response something along the lines of, "Tune in during tomorrow's morning show to see if you're a winner!" A short message like this will entice your text recipients to listen to your station. It gives them a gentle little nudge to tune in, keeping listenership - and ratings - up.

3. Every Listener Who Texts Opts-In to Your Station's Mobile Program

Using text messages can give you that extra edge that can boost the number of listener opt-ins and grow your customer database. No matter what the reason for listeners texting in, your database automatically grows.

These are the most valuable listeners: those who have opted-in to your radio station database. These are the people who you can directly market to through a broadcast text message in the future. As your database of subscribers continues to grow, you can develop new streams of marketing revenue by sending text-based ads and promotions to the subscribers on your list.

Tap Into the Benefits of Text Message Marketing With Club Texting

Staying constantly connected with your listeners is a benefit that cannot be measured. That's what a radio station is all about. By improving the lines of communication between your station and your listeners, your business can hit the high notes.

At Club Texting, we can show you how your radio station can benefit from text message marketing. The options on how you choose to use text messaging to boost business are seemingly endless, and really are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Run a contest so listeners can text a short code for a chance to win a prize, send bulk texts offering free entry to events, give away tickets to contests, send traffic updates, or allow listeners to vote for the next song to be played. There are so many approaches you can take to really make text marketing work for you, and at Club Texting, we can help support these efforts.

Text message marketing with Club Texting is simple, affordable, and extremely effective. Try Club Texting for free today!

May 07, 2015

Get Connected: How Text Message Marketing Helps Build Customer Loyalty

SMS text messaging can help your business build customer loyalty.

If you aren't already using text messages to connect with your customers, you need to start right now!

Developing a loyal customer base is a huge priority for companies. After all, it's these customers who keep bringing in the business. Sure, there are many ways to go about building customer loyalty, but none are quite as affordable and effective as text message marketing.

Here's a look at why this approach to marketing is so effective for building customer loyalty, and why you need to tap into it sooner rather than later.

95 Percent of Your Customers Open and Read Your Text Messages Within 3 Minutes

With so many people having their own mobile devices and checking them countless times each day, it just makes sense for businesses to use this platform to reach out to new and existing customers.

Here's an interesting fact: 95 out of 100 of your customers who have opted in to receive messages from your business will actually open and read them within 3 short minutes. What business owner wouldn't want to capitalize on that hearty number?

Think about how you react to a text message. You probably read it soon after it comes through, right? With text message marketing, not only will you reap the benefits of having constant contact with your customers, you can also offer promotions and exclusive products that they can take advantage of right away.

Boosting Conversions With Text Message Marketing

People opt in to receive text message communications from your business because they are interested in what you have to say. When your mobile subscribers hear from you regularly, they'll be more likely to take action on whatever it is you're asking them to do. Whether you're sending them a promotion, coupon, or access to an exclusive product, your message will encourage them to engage with your business and redeem your offer.

The average response time after receipt of a text message is approximately 90 seconds. By comparison, it takes 90 minutes on average for someone to respond to an email. The boost in conversions that are associated with text marketing as compared with other forms of communication is well worth the effort, and a good reason to get started with your first campaign.

Identify Your Promotions and Segment Your Audience Appropriately

Everyone familiar with marketing knows the importance of segmenting audiences in order to create more personalized, relevant ads. With a text message marketing campaign, you can effectively reach out to different customer segments, whether they're first-time shoppers, loyal VIPs, or customers who haven't visited your store in a while.

Text message marketing has helped companies realize exponential growth in business.

Over time, you can use past purchasing data and track the results of previous marketing campaigns to decide which group of people will be more receptive to certain deals and promotions you're offering. If the offer is enticing enough for your customers to bite - such as 30 percent off a product or a free item with purchase - you will realistically see a huge response to your text message marketing efforts.

Accurately segmenting your list of permission-based mobile subscribers is an important step towards improving the relevancy of your text message ads. Using customer data to inform your campaigns helps improve relevancy and drive sales over time.

Use the Proper Context in Your Messages to Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

You can decide when and how often to text your customers based on several factors, depending on the type of business you operate and the specific promotion. For example, if you own a restaurant that's known for its dinner specials, you could send out a text in the middle of the afternoon when people are thinking about their dinner plans. This ensures that the text message is appropriate and effective.

Join Thousands of Businesses Who Have Already Reaped the Benefits of a Text Message Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest benefits of text message marketing is that your offers sent via text are actually being read by your customers on the spot. This can effectively send customers to your store to redeem your offers a lot more quickly, as compared with other marketing platforms.

At Club Texting, we can work with your business to develop the ideal text message marketing campaign with our affordable, easy-to-use services that can help you reach hordes of customers, both new and existing.

Whether you're a realtor, club owner, retailer or event promoter, our text messaging service is the perfect communications solution for your business advertising needs. If you are interested in promoting an upcoming contest, enticing customers with special offers, or conducting polls, Club Texting can help you accomplish your communication goals.

So what are you waiting for? Give Club Texting a try for free today!

Author Bio:

Lisa Simonelli Rennie is a freelance web content creator who enjoys writing on all sorts of topics, including online marketing, social media advertising, personal finance, and anything to do with the internet industry.

May 01, 2015

4 Ways Convention Planners Can Benefit From Text Messaging

Mobile can help you simplify the process of planning an expo or convention.

Imagine for a moment how challenging it is to plan a large convention. You have hundreds of attendees all under one roof, with countless speakers, simultaneous events, and you are charged with keeping everything organized and sticking to a strict schedule. Convention planning can be a high stress job, and the best planners are always searching for ways to make life easier for their team. If you regularly plan large events, there are several ways that text messaging can help you keep things running smoothly. Here are four ways convention planners can use text messages to simplify their lives.

Keeping Things on Schedule

There are often multiple events happening at once during a large convention. Moving people from Point A to Point B in order to stay on schedule can be challenging. Event planners can use bulk text messaging to communicate with conference attendees about the day's agenda, reminding them of start times for sessions they've signed up to attend. This can help reduce the instances of people arriving late or missing out on sessions altogether.

Communication among Team Members

If you regularly attend conventions, you can attest to the fact that they are often held in giant buildings. To give you an idea of how large these venues can be, the Boston-based Hynes Convention Center spans over 176,000 square feet. One of the biggest challenges for convention planners is staying in touch with their staff during their event. Team members are often spread out across large buildings, and convention planners can use text messaging to keep the lines of communication open with staff.

Increasing Audience Participation during Q&A Sessions

Question and answer sessions at large events are often fast-moving, and it's important to stay organized to keep these discussions running smoothly. As mobile technology has advanced, many convention planners have begun using text messaging to collect questions from the audience during Q&A sessions. Not only does this help encourage audience participation, it also helps you organize your sessions more effectively. It's an approach worth considering if you are looking for more effective ways to manage your question and answer discussions.

Gathering Attendee Feedback

Every convention planner wants feedback on their event. Input from attendees is helpful because it provides planners with valuable insights into what worked well for participants and what they can improve upon at their next event. Instead of gathering feedback solely via paper surveys, some event planners are using mobile to collect participant input as well. Text message polls can be set up quickly and sent to convention attendees. The process is simple and in many cases, feedback comes through almost immediately.

Text message polls can be used in addition to paper surveys to gather feedback from attendees.

Mobile technology can make your life as a convention planner much easier. Text messaging can help you keep things on schedule, improve communication among your team members, increase participation in panel discussions and Q&A sessions, or collect valuable feedback from your attendees. Are you interested in working with a mobile communications provider to help your events run more smoothly? Try Club Texting for free today.

April 24, 2015

Text Message Marketing 101: How to Grow Your Mobile Subscriber List

Building your mobile subscriber list can help you create more effective text message marketing campaigns.

One of the most common questions that business owners have is how to effectively grow their mobile subscriber list. Whether you are just beginning to explore text message marketing for your business or you simply want to expand your audience, there are a number of easy things you can do to give your mobile subscriber list a boost. Keep in mind that it may take some time to develop a large list, but it will be well worth it because your text message marketing campaigns will be seen by more customers. Here are four helpful tips for attracting new mobile subscribers.

Leverage Print Marketing

Does your business send out direct mailings regularly to connect with new customers? Or perhaps you have print advertisements in your store. Consider leveraging your existing print marketing efforts to get the word out about your mobile subscriber list. Adding a long code to print advertisements is an easy way to make your audience aware that they can connect with your business via mobile.

Add Your Mobile Call to Action to your Website

Did you know that you can actually add a mobile call to action to your business website? Many businesses create HTML forms where mobile users can enter their phone numbers in order to receive text messages. You can even take this one step further and provide a list of interests for potential subscribers to check off when they enter their mobile number. For example, if you're a pub owner, you may want to include options to receive text message alerts about special menus, exclusive deals, musical performance schedules, or VIP events. This extra step can help you create more targeted text message marketing campaigns. Adding a mobile call to action to your website is an inexpensive and easy way to grow your business' mobile database.

Spread the Word via Email

If your business has an existing email list and you distribute newsletters to customers regularly, you can also add your mobile call to action there to boost your subscriptions. Again, making a simple change to your existing email newsletter is an inexpensive and quick way to grow your mobile database.

Create a Refer a Friend Campaign

Do you already have a small list of loyal mobile subscribers? If so, you may want to consider creating a 'refer a friend' campaign to get the word out about your business. Use text message marketing to reach your existing customers, and offer them an incentive in exchange for new referrals. For example, those who refer five friends can receive 10 percent off their next meal purchase. This is a sure fire way to grow your mobile subscriber list quickly.

Let customers know about your mobile list through various channels to increase participation.

Are you a business owner that's interested in growing your mobile subscriber list? If so, there are a number of easy ways to get started. Consider leveraging print marketing, adding your mobile call to action to your website, spreading the word about your mobile list to your email subscribers, and creating a campaign that allows your customers to refer a friend and receive special offers. Are you ready to launch your first text message marketing campaign? Try Club Texting for free today!

April 16, 2015

Segmenting Your Subscriber List for More Successful Text Marketing Campaigns

Creating groups of mobile subscribers can help you build more effective text message marketing campaigns.

Is your mobile subscriber list growing at lightning speed? While this is a good problem to have because it means people are interested in connecting with your business, it can be difficult to create relevant text message promotions for a large, diversified list of subscribers. If you are finding that your marketing campaigns aren't as effective as they could be now that your list of mobile customers has grown, it may be time to segment your list. Here are a few strategies for segmenting your subscriber list for more successful text marketing campaigns.

Demographic Segmentation

Do you own a retail business which sells clothing for men and women? Or perhaps your business offers a variety of products; some that are popular with Millennials and others which are a hit with the Baby Boomer generation. If your mobile subscriber list has grown considerably, it might make sense to create different groups according to basic customer demographics. Consider breaking down your list by gender, specific geographic location, or age group. Segmenting your list in these ways can help you create more targeted text message promotions that will resonate with different audiences.

Segment by Purchase Behavior

If you are interested in increasing the effectiveness of your text message marketing campaigns, it may be as simple as grouping your mobile subscribers according to their buying behaviors. This can be done in a couple different ways. You can choose to create a list of subscribers who purchase specific goods from your business frequently and center your promotions on those particular products. You may also want to consider looking at past purchase behaviors and coming up with a list of related products that you could market to a particular segment of your mobile subscribers. Using past purchase behavior to create groups of customers can help you improve the relevancy of your upcoming text message marketing campaigns.

Group According to Past Promotions

Has your business been reaching out to customers via text message marketing for a while? If so, it may make sense to take a look at your past promotions and try to identify specific patterns. Were certain customers more receptive to a particular type of promotion? For example, did a 15 percent off promotion perform better with a specific audience than a free gift with purchase campaign? Were some customers drawn to a limited time offer while others seemed to ignore it? Review your past promotions to see how your customers responded, and then create groups based on which messages resonated with specific audiences.

Segment mobile subscribers to create more relevant offers.

Segmenting your mobile subscriber list can help you create more effective text message marketing campaigns. If you've noticed lately that your list of mobile customers has grown considerably, it may be a good idea to segment your subscribers by demographics, purchase behavior, or group them according to how they responded to past promotions. Are you interested in exploring how you can create groups to get a better return on your business' text message marketing efforts? Try Club Texting for free today!

April 14, 2015

3 Ways Non-Profit Can Benefit from SMS Messaging

SMS messaging is an easy way to stay connected with your employees, no matter where they are in the world.

Are you a nonprofit director that's looking for creative ways to raise awareness and increase donations? Effective marketing and donor engagement are two major factors behind every successful nonprofit. In recent years, many nonprofit leaders have been exploring how they can use mobile to stay connected with donors, team members, and volunteers. Using mobile to improve reach and communication is beneficial for nonprofits in many different ways. Here are three reasons to think about adopting a mobile strategy with SMS messaging for your nonprofit organization.

Stay Connected to Your Team

Do your team members frequently travel to remote locations of the world? Sometimes Internet access can be spotty in certain geographic areas, which can make it a challenge to stay connected with your employees via email. Since cell phone usage has become so prevalent, even in remote locations, communicating via text message may be a better alternative to email. Whether you are interested in reaching one person in particular or keeping your entire team up to date on current projects, SMS messaging is an effective, reliable way to communicate with your employees. You may also be able to get the input you need from your team faster than if you used email as an exclusive means of communication.

Share Updates about Existing Campaigns

SMS messaging can also be used to share updates about your existing campaigns with your donors. For example, if your nonprofit is focused on improving education for children in sub-Saharan Africa, you can use SMS messages to share progress. Did you recently finish construction on a new school? Or maybe you've brought some new teachers aboard and completed an education program in the area. Communicating with your donors via text message is a simple way to keep them up to speed on what's happening with your current campaigns, no matter where you are in the world.

Increase Engagement for New Campaigns

Are you mapping out a fundraising campaign for a new initiative? SMS messaging is a great way to raise awareness about your cause and collect donations. You can use texts as a tool to spread the word to your mobile subscribers about an upcoming event hosted by your nonprofit, inform them about a new campaign, or set up a donation system. Many nonprofits are creating SMS donation campaigns that allow mobile subscribers to easily send a text message to make a donation. Since SMS messages can be sent to recipients for just a few cents, using mobile to increase awareness can help you accomplish your fundraising goals without breaking your marketing budget.

Text messaging may be a more effective channel than email for sharing information about your nonprofit.

SMS messaging is a helpful tool for nonprofit organizations. Teams can use text messages to stay connected, even in the remotest parts of the world. SMS messages can also be used to share updates about existing campaigns with donors and increase engagement on brand new initiatives. It's an inexpensive way for nonprofits to improve communication and achieve their fundraising goals. If you are interested in exploring how your nonprofit organization can benefit from SMS messaging, try Club Texting for free today!