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September 27, 2010

Star Wars Fan? Get The Verizon Wireless Motorola DROID R2D2!

When Verizion licensed the Droid name from Lucas Films for their take on Android we thought that was that. We were mistaken:

Star Wars fan? Android fan? Verizon Wireless customer? September 29th at midnight should go down in history for you then. Not only is that when Motorola’s DROID R2D2 limited edition device goes on sale at select Verizon Wireless stores across the country, but it’s also looking to be quite an event. We have been just sent a couple images from one of the participating stores, a store called Vista Ridge in Lewisville, Texas, and we also have some info on what is exactly is happening for the launch — it’s pretty crazy. Apparently, the participating stores will be giving away 5 Motorola R2D2 units, there will be actual “Stormtroopers” at the store (employees dressed up as Stormtroopers), video gaming, a live DJ and more. Stores are getting approximately 200 units and stock will not be replenished.

Check out the story for full details at Boy Genius Report.

March 26, 2010

AT&T demos app to download DVR content to phones

Very cool demo at CTIA in Las Vegas from AT&T:

Countering over-the-top competitors while also aiming to bridge better ties between its video and wireless offerings, AT&T demonstrated a new mobile application this week at the CTIA show that will let users download their DVR-recorded content for viewing on mobile devices.

The demonstration app, which is in internal beta at AT&T (but not yet with customers), was shown on the iPhone, but AT&T said it wasn’t ready to name the final devices or pricing for the service yet – nor exactly when it would be available. But in an interview, AT&T’s vice president of video services Jeff Weber said the mobile viewing app would let AT&T “take clear competitive advantage of being [both] a TV and wireless provider. It’s as good a [market position] as we can find. It’s a real luxury for me right now to be sitting in my chair with an all IP-based platform” that can deliver video to both the TV and the mobile device, he said.

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