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2 posts from October 2010

October 19, 2010

SMS, The Holidays & The Economy

As the holiday season approaches and retailers await recession-strapped consumers, please consider SMS:

Brands and retailers should leverage SMS for the holidays to push private sales, holiday-themed merchandise via coupons, wish lists, mobile commerce-enabled sites and special store hours during this busy time of year.

Approximately 72 percent of American adult consumers send and receive text messages, according to Pew Internet Project. Virtually everyone is text messaging, making it a convenient way for retailers and brands to communicate with consumers.

It would appear that consumers want their mobile coupons to come in the form of text messages:


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October 12, 2010

A Round Up Of Windows Phone 7 News

Yesterday Microsoft debuted Windows Phone 7, their attempt to get back in the smartphone race. They unveiled a slick looking operating system, along with a slew of devices. We've put together some early coverage from around the web:

Is there a consensus yet? It would seem that the Windows Phone 7 phones - yes, we know how that sounds - probably won't be challenging the iPhone anytime soon. Android however, which has been surging as of late, may have a serious competitor on its hands.