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5 posts from December 2009

December 23, 2009

First Hands-On Review Of The Google Nexus One (The Google Phone)

Gizmodo has scored the first hands on review of the rumored, found, confirmed Google Nexus One.

Thanks to a clandestine meeting with a source, I got a chance to play with and try out the Nexus One. It's basically, from my time with it, Google's Droid killer. It's thin, it's fast, it's better in every way.

My source was very firm about no photography, and I didn't want to jeopardize anything on my source's end, so there are no photos, hence these photos are ones we've already shown you. But, based on all the leaked shots this week, plus the very pretty and very clear one last week from Boy Genius, everyone knows what the phone looks like already. Hell, there's even a complete UI walkthrough today that's on YouTube. So I'm going to focus on the experience, and how it compares to the Droid and the iPhone 3GS.

To those of who you who don't think the Droid is sexy, you'll be glad to know that the Nexus One is major aesthetic improvement:

You can call the design the antithesis of the Droid: smooth, curved, and light, instead of hard, square and pointy. It feels long and silky and natural in your hand—even more so than the iPhone 3GS.

Head over to Gizmodo right now to learn all about the Google Nexus One.

December 21, 2009

Getting Started With Mobile Coupons

Mobile Couponing

Want to learn about Mobile Couponing? We've got a guide for that!

The technology has been around for a few years, but couponing campaigns have only recently taken off with brands and consumers. We first started to see major brands launch national couponing campaigns last year.

Since then, three things have changed. First, consumers have grown familiar with mobile coupons; second, companies like Club Texting have launched dead simple couponing platforms; and third, financially stressed consumers are looking for ways to save money.

Now is the time for your business – small and local, or large and national – to launch a mobile couponing campaign. You no longer need to pay a marketing agency tens of thousands of dollars to run your campaign for you; Club Texting’s mobile marketing platform allows you to Do It Yourself. This guide will show you how easy and effective mobile coupons can be for your company.

Read more about mobile coupons in our guide at Club Texting.

December 18, 2009

Gonna Be In NYC? New Years Eve Parties in New York

New Years Eve Parties in New YorkClub Texting is based in New York. As such, we know a thing or two about New Years Eve parties. If you're a native, or you'll be visiting, we've got some info for you, along with some links to valuable resources. In New York, New Years Eve is one of the biggest and most exciting party nights of the year. It gives you an excuse to get dressed up, spend time with friends, and party like a rock star.

New Years NYC is an experience like no other, whether it is spent in Times Square or at one of NYC’s hottest clubs. The ball drop in Times Square is an event that cannot be replicated and belongs solely to New York, drawing crowds of over 700,000 people. Two clubs having New Years NYC parties near Times Square are China Club and Aspen Social, both located close to the madness where you can ring in the New Year out of the cold.

A lot of people would rather avoid the madness altogether, good thing New York is a big city. New Years Eve in NYC has an endless list of places to celebrate. Clubs are the perfect New Years option embodying all things New Years, glitz, glamour, music, dancing, and of course the countdown to midnight. Some of NYC’s best places to ring in the New Year include; M2 Ultra Lounge, BLVD, and Kiss & Fly.

Whatever you do, everyone at Club Texting wishes you a happy and a healthy new year!

December 15, 2009

SMS Marketing For Real Estate

SMS marketing for real estate In the last year SMS marketing has taken off in the real estate industry. Why the surge in usage? It's no secret that residential real estate is going through a (ahem, major ) slump. SMS Text Message marketing allows real estate brokers to cheap and effectively market properties to interested sellers. So how does it work?

Club Texting's Real Estate Text Messaging Software System allows house hunters to request and instantly receive property listing information using their mobile phones.

Home buyers text in--upon seeing a sign on the front lawn or in your agency's window--requesting more information. Our text messaging software system replies in seconds, delivering relevant info including beds, baths, and price. If interested, our two-way system allows the potential buyer to set up a showing or a call back.

Learn more about SMS marketing for the real estate industry at Club Texting.

December 02, 2009

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey's Square Mobile Payment Platform Debuts

Yesterday saw the unveiling of a potentially groundbreaking product:

The idea – let people quickly and easily accept physical credit card payments from their mobile phone. A small device attaches to the phone via the headset/microphone jack. The device gets the power it needs to send data to the phone from the swipe of the card, and sends the information over the microphone connection. Based on the shots below, the device is compatible with both the iPhone and Android (or at least the recently released Droid).

Think paypal, but anyone can now accept physical credit card payments, too. With no contracts or monthly fees. People are sent receipts by text and email.

Head over to TechCrunch to learn more, or just watch the video to see how it works!