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October 12, 2016

Thinking of Ending Your Lackluster Text Message Marketing Campaign? Try This First

You started a text message marketing campaign full of hopes that it would provide the many promised benefits to your business. After putting in an extensive amount of time and effort, it does not appear to be working for you. If this sounds like you, you are probably tempted to just stop the campaign and switch your efforts -- and spending -- to something else. However, before you do this, there are some things you can do to turn around your campaign and get the results you want.

Do You Have a Realistic Expectation?

Have your team review your goals and expectations to see if they are realistic.

SMS marketing is a powerful medium, with high open rates and engagement rates. However, it is not a miracle worker. As with any marketing campaign, it takes effort and time to succeed. Therefore, take a quick look at your goals and expectations. Have you given sufficient time for the process to work? You most likely will not see high numbers overnight; most campaigns take a few months to really start to gain momentum.

Also take some time to review your business goals and what you hope to achieve with text message marketing. You might find that your efforts are not in line with your goals. It is also possible that you did not take the time to adequately create clear, defined objectives before you started the campaign. You would not be alone, as over half of marketers run a texting campaign without clear objectives. If this sounds like you, then take some time to develop clear objectives and create a strategy that will help you to meet those. Then, give your campaign some time to grow and meet your new expectations before you give up.

Find the Source of the Problem

Before packing in your text message marketing campaign, take some time to search for the root of the problem. Start by reviewing your metrics, especially the numbers that have made you feel as though it is time to give up. Perhaps your list is not growing or you have low redemption rates for your deals. Once you have narrowed down where your program is faltering, make changes that fix the correlating area of weakness.

For example, if your list is not growing, revamp your promotion strategy. Perhaps you need to promote your texting campaign on social media or add it to your print ads. It might be beneficial to start targeting a different set of customers. For those who feel they are not getting the response they want, consider whether or not the content matches what your customers want. You might also be sending the messages at an inopportune time or at an inconsistent frequency. There are several adjustments you can make to create a stronger campaign that will fix the problem and get you back to where you want to be.

Try a New Type of Message

There might not be any noticeable area in your text message marketing campaign that is the source of the poor response. It might simply be that your customers do not find value in the messages you send, or they might simply be fatigued by the same message every time. That is why it is important to switch up the content of your messages with every text, as well as provide exclusive content.

Take some time to develop and test some new types of message. For example, if you normally send out offers and deals, try sending out a poll or run a text-to-win content. Those who tend to rely on informational messages, try an exclusive flash sale or another offer. It might also help to try a few different messages and see how your customers respond to shape your campaign in the future.

Ask Your Customers What They Want

Ask your customers to review your program and provide some answers.

Another reason your campaign might be faltering is simply that it did not meet your customers' expectations. It is beneficial to take some time to see what your customers think before you completely just give up on texting. Ask your subscribers to fill out a survey to see what type of messages they wish to receive from you. It is also possible to simply send out a quick poll to see whether people are satisfied or not with your texting program. This not only helps you to know how to retool your lagging campaign, but it also provides a way to engage your customers and get them involved. You might also find that your campaign is actually doing much better than you previously thought.

It can feel disheartening to find your text message marketing campaign not succeeding or starting to falter. This leads many to simply stop and move on to another marketing strategy. However, do not give up. Instead, take some time to evaluate your efforts and make some changes to give your campaign another chance to succeed.

Contact us to learn more about what you can do to recharge a lackluster campaign.

October 10, 2016

Why Your Small Business Needs to Adopt SMS Marketing

As a small business, you have to monitor your budget closely to ensure every penny comes with a strong return on investment. SMS marketing provides many benefits that are well worth the investment for any small business. It is a cost-effective solution that has high response rates. As an added benefit, it increases customer engagement, which, in turn, leads to more loyal customers. The following are just a few of the reasons why many small businesses are turning to this highly lucrative marketing channel.


Texting helps you build a more intimate relationship with your customers.

One of the best reasons to adopt SMS marketing is that it is a more direct and intimate channel. Almost everyone owns an SMS-enabled phone. Of smartphone users, almost 100 percent use text messages. It is not just Millennials. Baby Boomers and older generations also consistently text. Additionally, texting is not as saturated by promotional messages as email or social media. This means that your text will arrive right next to texts that are mostly from friends and family members, making it possible for customers to unconsciously place you in the same category.

Fast Response

SMS marketing is the perfect medium when you need a fast response. Most people carry their phones with them everywhere and check it over a hundred times in a day. This means that they will see your message quickly and respond just as fast. In fact, the average response rate for texts is just 90 seconds, while the average response rate for email is 90 minutes. Which kind of response would you rather have?

Targeting More Engaged Customers

Text message marketing is an opt-in channel. This means that in order to send messages to your customers, they must sign up for the program. Although this leaves out a fair number of people, it does mean that you are working with more engaged customers at the baseline. Because they have signed up for your SMS marketing campaign, they already have a relationship with your company and wish to know more. This makes it easier to convert them into customers.

High Engagement

If you are looking for a marketing channel with a high engagement rate, then SMS marketing is the right channel for you. It has eight times the engagement rate, along with high click through rates and redemption rates. Customers not only read the texts; they also take action. This leads to a much higher return on your investment.

Stand Out From the Competition

With texting, it is easier to compete with the larger corporations.

As a small business, it is difficult at times to distinguish yourself from your competition, especially the larger corporations. Many large companies have yet to adopt text marketing because they have so many other advertising channels, which means your business stands out when you text.

When you have a small marketing budget, it is harder to develop marketing collateral that really stands out when you are trying to compete against brands with a significantly higher budget than you.

SMS marketing levels the playing field. It is a text-based marketing forum, which means you do not have to worry about developing expensive graphics. It is also short-form content since you only need 160 characters per text. This makes it much less expensive to run a strong texting campaign, especially when you also add in the cost of texting, which is often just pennies per text.

SMS marketing provides a cost-effective solution for small businesses to engage with customers and build their business. If you have not considered adding it to your marketing strategy, then it is time to do so and see how it can provide the boost you've been looking for.

Ready to see how texting will provide a boost to your business? Try ClubTexting for free and experience these benefits for yourself.

October 07, 2016

Aren't Your Employees Part of Your Club?

You have worked hard on your texting campaigns to ensure that you engage members and grow your club, and your analytics show your efforts are working.

However, you might be leaving out one very important group in your lists: your employees. When developing your mobile marketing campaigns, be sure to get your employees signed up as well. This makes it easy for you to take advantage of the advantages that text messages have to offer, including a higher open and response rate than email, to communicate with your employees just as you do with your members. It can improve communication among your employees and help them to provide better customer service.

Keep Employees Happy

Engaged employees are happier employees. Texting enhances engagement.

Text messages help you to engage with your employees on a regular basis, which in turn helps them to feel more emotionally invested in your club. Employees who are engaged are 87 percent less likely to move on to another club or company.

However, around 70 percent of workers in America are not engaged, and only 40 percent are aware of the goals, tactics, and strategies of a company. Often, this is due to a lack of communication. Running a texting campaign overcomes this issue.

It is best to have your employees in multiple groups in your subscriber list, including the general list serve, the employee group and a group based on their department. That way they receive the same messages as members, as well as pertinent messages for their job.

Regularly texting to employees facilitates more engaged and happier employees and helps to create a company culture in which employees want to be part of the company. As an added bonus, happy and engaged employees provide better service to club members.

Informed Employees Provide Better Customer Service

Sending your employees the same messages you send your members increases their ability to provide the highest quality customer service. If member-facing employees have no knowledge of your texting campaigns, then they are unable to answer any questions about it. They also might not be aware of any offers or promotions, thereby creating a frustrating situation when a club member tries to redeem one or otherwise act on the content in your text messages.

Taking time to train employees on all your traditional and mobile marketing efforts, as well as keeping them informed of any new information sent out to members, ensures they have all the information they need to provide the best service to your members.

Better Communication With Employees

Part of your texting campaigns should focus on necessary information for your employees. Send updates about any maintenance work being done. Use it for emergency alerts, such as severe weather or a fire in an area of the club. It is beneficial to use texting rather than email for your employee communications since it is much more likely they will actually read the message. Only about 20 to 30 percent of emails are opened, while 99 percent of texts are.

These messages do not always have to directly involve work; it is possible to use them to encourage social gatherings for employees or to celebrate victories, milestones, or employee achievements. For example, send out a text announcing the employee of the month winner or to alert employees that your club has reached a business goal.

Remind Employees About Events

Texting event reminders makes sure employees are adequately prepared.

Employees need to be reminded about events just like your customers. Send a text message out to your employees the day before or the day of a big event so that they have adequate time to finalize the preparation and provide the best experience possible for your members. This also increases the attendance of employees at non-mandatory work events, which in turn demonstrates to your members the dedication your staff has to the club.

There are many ways to utilize your mobile marketing services to communicate with your employees in addition to your members. It helps keep them informed and up to date with all content members receive, as well as provide an easy to use way to impart essential company information.

Ready to implement a texting program for your club? Try ClubTexting for free and see how it improves engagement with your members and your employees.

October 06, 2016

4 Ways to Use Texting to Boost Your Booster Club

School sports rely on fundraising through the booster club to finance many of their activities. Educational funding continually sees cuts, making any booster club financing that much more important. However, traditional fundraising such as selling candy or cookie dough does not always provide sufficient donations to bridge the gap, and neither does ticket sales to the games. Rather than utilizing sales campaigns that take most of the proceeds and require a lot of work on the part of the team, try using mobile texting to support your next fundraising campaign.

Increase Your Supporter List

Texting campaigns helps to bring in more community support for your team.

For your mobile texting program to have a significant impact, it is important that you increase the number of supporters for your booster club. People can sign up to receive texts from you, including fundraising campaigns and information about games and other events. Invite your students to share the information with their social network and promote it in the community as well. When you put up flyers and posters about any events you might have, whether fundraisers or games, include a keyword and number that people can text to opt into your booster club text campaigns.

This provides a way to get more of the community engaged with your team, which in turn leads to more opportunities for fundraising.

Boost Traditional Fundraising

Traditional fundraising still provides a great way to bring in much-needed funds to your school. Booster club text campaigns provide a way to support these fundraisers. Send out alerts to your subscribers when you have a bake sale, raffle, BBQ or car wash. Most texts are opened within just a few minutes of receipt, so they offer the perfect medium for reminding people about your fundraising events on the day or the day before to increase attendance.

Texts also have a high response rate and a high open rate. This is highly beneficial for when you are selling items, such as candy, cookie dough, candles, calendars or other items. Include a link to the web page through which people can buy the items. Your team members simply send a text message to their friends, family members and other people in their network. You also send a text out to your subscriber list to increase the number of people who purchase items during your fundraising campaigns.

Text to Donate

Texting campaigns also offer a way to simply ask for donations. You might be familiar with text to donate campaigns that many of the large non-profits, such as the Red Cross, run after a disaster to raise money. Your booster club can take advantage of the same programs.

However, many smaller organizations find that using mobile texting programs to send out a link to a web page for donations works much better. By sending out a web page you have designed, you have much more control over the process. Your supporters also have the chance to donate more money than the traditional text to donate campaigns, which often have a set amount such as $10 per text. It is an easy way to ask for donations from your supporters without having to sell anything.

Run Creative Campaigns

Use the power of texting to promote new and creative ways to fundraise.

Your texting campaigns also offer a venue for running creative fundraising campaigns. Your booster club can have people pay to have a friend or family member's house "attacked" with posters and other items promoting school spirit and support for your team. Your team members might provide gardening or cleaning services for a fee. Whatever type of campaign you wish to run, it is possible to promote the information through texting. Interested parties can simply text a keyword to your number to show they are interested. Then, you get in touch with them about the particulars and/or send them a link to your web page with more information.

Booster club text campaigns facilitate your fundraising efforts and help you to do much more than traditional campaigns allow. It is a cost-effective option that fits into most budgets, helping you to enhance the effectiveness of your campaign without taking away too many of your much-needed profits.

Contact us to learn more about how texting can be used for fundraising and other activities for your booster club.

October 05, 2016

Bring Business to Your Restaurant with These SMS Marketing Messages

There is a lot of competition among restaurants, so it is important to find ways to reach your potential customers and get them to choose you over the competition. One way to do so is SMS marketing, which has a high engagement rate and is very popular with customers. To take full advantage of this lucrative marketing channel, it is important to find the right messages that resonate with your clientele. If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas, try one or more of the following messages.

Happy Hour Specials

Increase attendance at your Happy Hour with a timely text message.

Happy Hour is a long-standing tradition in the restaurant and bar business. Promote your Happy Hour specials to your SMS marketing subscribers with a text. Text messages are typically opened within just a few minutes of receipt, so you can send the message just a few hours prior to the start of Happy Hour. This provides the idea to people to head to Happy Hour at the end of the workday without time for them to forget or decide upon another venue.

An example of this type of text message is

"Join us for Happy Hour today and get 2 for 1 drinks by showing this text."

Easy Deliver Options

When people are stuck at work all day unable to head to your restaurant for a meal or wish to remain at home for a nice relaxing day in, they will be interested in your delivery options. If your restaurant is equipped to handle delivery, remind your SMS marketing subscribers about your services. Provide a deal just for delivery or highlight your delivery menu. This works really well when sent right near lunch or dinner time to capitalize on an already hungry crowd.

This type of text might look like

"Enjoy a delicious meal without any work on your part with our delivery service. Call or click here to order and get 20 percent off."

You would just include your phone number or a link to your website if you have online ordering enabled. This makes it very easy for people to order as soon as they see the text.

Offers and Deals

Any offer or deal works well for your SMS marketing program. There are special times that it makes sense to promote, such as happy hour or lunchtime specials. However, you always want to provide value to your customers to retain them as subscribers. One way to do this is to send out exclusive coupons for your restaurant through your texting program. For extra motivation, include an expiration date on the coupon so that people feel motivated to take action right away.

An example of a strong coupon is

"After a long day at work, you deserve a treat. Enjoy a free dessert with an entrée purchase after 5 p.m. by showing this text. Deal expires on [date]."

New Menu Poll

Encourage customers to vote on new menu items through text.

Although many restaurants turn to SMS marketing for driving business through specials and coupons, this is only a small part of text message marketing. There are many ways to engage with customers through your texting program. One way to really get customers involved is through sending out a poll. The perfect time to do this is when you plan to make changes to your menu. Ask customers what they would prefer added and provide a few keywords with which they respond to vote. The keyword with the most texts wins. This helps you to continue to provide items on your menu that meet your customers' desires.

An example of this type of text is

"What dessert should we add to the menu? Click here to view the options and text the corresponding keyword to [shortcode] by [date] to vote."

Create a page on your website with pictures and descriptions of the options and the corresponding keyword. Alternatively, you could text something like

"Which type of pie should we add to the menu? Text apple, pumpkin, peach or key lime to vote."

These are just a few examples of texts you can send to your SMS marketing subscribers to drive business to your restaurant. A combination of coupons and offers with texts that engage the customers will help you to get repeat business and turn customers into loyal diners.

Ready to implement a texting program for your restaurant? Try ClubTexting for free to start taking advantage of this powerful marketing channel.

October 03, 2016

5 Ways Movie Theaters Can Use Text Message Marketing

The movie theater industry is in crisis with the advances to the home theater. In 2016, the film industry is expected to sell fewer movie tickets than it has in decades. In addition to just trying to get people into your seats, you also have to compete with other theaters. One way to increase customer loyalty and get customers to leave their house and come to your theater is text message marketing. This is a versatile marketing medium that provides a way to directly engage with customers.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Reward customers for coming back to see more movies at your theater.

There are many cinema chains and companies competing for the same customers. It is important to elicit customer loyalty. It is much easier -- and cheaper -- to market to and convert those who have already frequented your theater than brand new customers. Reward those who come back with a loyalty rewards program. It is possible to use your text message marketing program to do this. Group your subscribers by their behavior, including those who frequent your business. Then, text them special, exclusive VIP offers to get them to continue coming back.

It is also beneficial to use your SMS marketing program as your reward program. Anyone who signs up becomes a member of your movie club, receiving special discounts and valuable information about movies.

Deals on Movie Tickets and Concessions

Many people choose to watch movies at home rather than the theater as a way to save money, especially with the price of movie tickets increasing. Discounts and offers provide a strong motivator to get people into your theater. Promote your text message marketing program as a way for customers to receive exclusive deals on movie tickets and/or concessions. Then, text your customers with periodic deals and see your attendance numbers increase, helping your overall bottom line.

Keep Moviegoers Informed of New Releases

Not everyone is a cinephile, so they might not know what that a movie is coming out that they want to see in the theater. Your text message marketing program provides a way to keep your customers informed of all the latest movies released. Every week, send out a text highlighting the must-see movie or movies released that week, as well as a link to your website that details the other movies in the theater. Include a link to a trailer or other information about the movie as well to help them know why they need to see it.

However, it is important to remain within the 160-character limit for text messaging. That is where links provide benefits. An example text is

"Check out the trailer for [movie] to see why it will be what everyone is talking about on Monday. Don't miss out. See the showtimes for all movies."

Ticket Ordering

Another element to add to your texting program is an easy-to-use ticket ordering system, such as a link to your online ordering system. Add a limited-time offer to the text for even more motivation to act right away. It is also convenient for people to walk right up to the door of the theater and show their tickets right in their text message without having to print anything out.

This is easily added to another message you send out, including those already discussed. For example, send out a text message promoting a certain movie opening that weekend and include a discount just for that movie and a link to the online ordering system. For example,

"Catch [movie title] this weekend and save $2 on your ticket. Click here to order online and redeem this offer. Deal expires [date]."

Show Time Information

Make it easy for people to find out what time a movie is showing.

Another service to offer your text message marketing subscribers is an easy way to find information about show times. One way to do this is to create a group of subscribers who wish to have alerts about weekly show times. Then, create a message that highlights the most popular movie times and includes a link to the rest. Additionally, you can set it up for people to text you a keyword, such as SHOWTIMES, and receive an automated reply with a link to your page.

However, you can also offer even more personalized service. Each movie could have its own keyword and auto-response. For example, a person could text a keyword such as XMENTIMES to find out the show times for the latest X-Men movie. Each movie would have its own personal keyword for this purpose.

There are many other ways that you can provide customer service and other information for value to your movie theater customers through your text message marketing service. The most important thing is that you find something that meets the needs of your customers and inspires their loyalty.

Contact us to learn more about using texting messaging to attract customers to your theater.

September 30, 2016

Scare Up Some Customers This Halloween With SMS Marketing

Halloween is always a fun time of year where people young and old alike enjoy dressing up and consuming copious amounts of sugar. It is the perfect time for businesses to run promotions or host events. SMS marketing provides the perfect medium for taking advantage of this holiday to connect with customers and drive new business. If you are unsure what type of messages to send out, try one of the following Halloween-themed texts.

Halloween Party RSVP

Make it easy to RSVP to your party with texting.

If your business celebrates Halloween in style every year with a monster-size bash, then leverage your guests to improve your SMS marketing campaign. Ask those who register for your party to sign up for your texting program. On the invitations and flyers, use texting as the call to action. When people want more information, they will text a number and get a response.

It is also possible to use your texting program as a way to get people to RSVP for the party. They simply have to text a keyword and you know they are coming. As a bonus, you get their number to use in various SMS marketing campaigns to get them to patronize your company. Remind your followers about the event via text the day before to improve attendance.

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

A holiday like Halloween is perfect for engaging audiences with themed messages, including polls. Ask them to name their favorite scary movie or their favorite monster. There are numerous other holiday-themed polls you can run, including their favorite candy, whether they trick-or-treat, if they like haunted houses, and more.

To run the poll, create a few keywords that match answers to a specific question. Then, text the question and the answers and let your subscribers text the keyword that corresponds to their answer. For example, text "Who scares you the most? Text Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman or Other to vote." For additional engagement, promote the polls in your store, social media posts and digital marketing properties. Engagement increases brand loyalty, which ultimately helps your bottom line.

Don't Get Tricked in This Hunt For Treats

Halloween is known for its candy and treats. Adults and kids love any excuse to indulge. Run a contest with your SMS marketing program to get people involved and engaged with your company. This can be as complex as a scavenger hunt or month-long trivia game. Alternatively, it can simply be a text-to-win contest. Offer a special Halloween-themed grand prize. For additional motivation to play, offer participants some benefit for entering, such as a discount on your products or services.

Exclusive Sale on Costumes, Candy and/or Decorations

There are so many Halloween goodies that people wish to buy, including costumes, candy, and decorations for their houses. More than 157 million Americans celebrate the holiday in some way. The cost can easily add up, with the average person expecting to spend $74 on the holiday. To stay within this budget, many people search for ways to save. Run an exclusive sale through your SMS marketing program that lowers prices on all your Halloween goodies. This will not only drive your business during the holiday, but you will also have more people sign up to your texting program. With regular texting and future offers and deals, you will have more chances to convert them to customers down the line.

Dress Up For a Discount

Provide discounts to customers who come in wearing their costumes.

Encourage your customers to dress up and visit your store to help extend the Halloween fun. Send a text to your subscribers that offers something for free or a huge discount to those who come in on a certain day wearing their costume and showing the text. Many people already have their costumes, so they will easily be able to take advantage of such a sale. This also increases customer engagement for enhanced business opportunities.

There are many ways to take advantage of SMS marketing to drive business this Halloween. Plus, once you have a strong campaign going, it is possible to continue to leverage this beneficial medium to continue to drive business and engage with your customers all year long.

Ready to get your Halloween campaign up and running? Try ClubTexting for free to get started.

September 29, 2016

Get Voters to the Polls This November with Group Texting

The 2016 election is bound to be one that goes down in the history books, no matter the outcome. Although most people are focused on who will be the 45th U.S. president, citizens will have many other decisions to make when they cast their ballot. There are local and state representatives as well as policies for which people will vote, and it is important to make people aware of the issues and get them to the polls to do much more than just cast a ballot for president.

Help increase voter turnout with a strong texting campaign.

Whether you are a local, state or national candidate; a local or national political party organization or simply an organization looking to get its members to the polls, there are several ways that you can leverage the benefits of texting to help make it a record year for numbers at the polls.

Promote Your List to Gain More Subscribers

It is important to leverage your group texting program to correspond with voters in the days and weeks leading up to Election Day. Promote your campaign at rallies and other events to get more people to subscribe to your program, as you can send texts only to those who have given permission. You can easily add texting as a call to action on your promotional materials, including any signs your supporters put in their yards, to get more people involved in your campaign. Many of the national candidates already are doing this in many of their promotional campaigns.

Create Targeted Messages

It is beneficial to divide up your subscribers based on different factors, such as geographical location, demographics and preferences. Then, develop targeted messages that resonate with them. This might be sending information about local meetups and rallies to those in that region. It is also beneficial to send out messages that provide resources for voters, including links to your site for more information about your platform and to non-biased sources that help them determine for whom or what policies to vote in the election. Use your group texting program to send messages of value to voters to enhance their overall opinion of you, which increases the chance they will vote for you.

Remind People to Vote

Election Day in 2016 is November 8, and it will probably be hard for most people to miss the day with the amount of media coverage. However, it still could happen. For elections that occur outside of the general election and for future elections, it is even more important that you let people know what day they need to get out and vote. To do this, send your subscribers a quick text on Election Day that reminds them to get out and vote if they have not already done so.

Help Them Find Their Polling Location

One impediment some people have in getting out to vote is knowing where their polling location is. The day before Election Day, send your group texting subscribers a text that prompts them to check for their polling location. Provide a keyword with which they can respond for additional help if they are unsure where to go. For example, your initial text would state, "Make voting tomorrow easier. Find your polling location now. For additional information, reply HELP to this text." Your volunteers or staff members can personally text or call those who have replied help to assist them in finding where to go to cast their vote.

Limit Your Texts

Text subscribers with valuable information, but be careful not to overdo it.

Although texting provides a great way to get your supporters and other voters out to the polls, it should be used with caution. You want to be sure not to oversaturate your subscribers, especially those who also receive emails and letters from you and/or follow you on social media. One way to do this is to group your subscribers based on their preferences and other factors if you have the information. Ideally, you want to try to limit texts to two to four per month, although in the week or two leading up to Election Day, you might be able to get away with a higher frequency as long as the messages are not redundant and have value to the subscribers.

Group texting has become an invaluable tool for any political campaign, whether of local or national interest. Leveraging the immediacy and intimacy of the medium must be balanced with respecting your subscribers. Focusing on creating messages of value that serve a purpose and limiting the number of texts will go a long way in making your campaign beneficial rather than hurtful.

Contact us to learn more about using texting to help this Election Day.

September 27, 2016

Increase Your Museum Membership with Group Texting

Museums provide an important cultural service to the community. Whether you have an internationally known museum or a small one focused on local art, history and/or culture, some of the most important clients you have are your members. It is common for museums to rely on donations from members to sustain their events and bring in new and exciting exhibitions. Group texting provides a way for you to engage with your audience to drive interest and attract more members. There are many ways to utilize this channel to help your museum flourish.

Promote Your Museum

Include a texting CTA on all your marketing materials to increase patronage.

Group texting is an excellent way to promote your museum and membership options. Include a keyword and your short code or long code on your advertisements in the paper, magazines, TV, radio, billboards and anywhere else. When people see the ad, they can reach for their phone and quickly text to get more information. Choose a keyword that matches your exhibition and offer a discount for improved impact. An example would be, "Text 'Picasso' for more information about our exhibit and to receive a 20 percent discount on tickets."

Reminders About Events and Exhibitions

Once you have patrons as members or interested parties, then text them reminders about events and exhibitions. Email newsletters, your website, social media and other channels provide more space for a lengthy explanation about your events. However, people do not always look at these, so you often have to send them out days or weeks in advance.

Text messaging has a 98 percent open rate, and the messages are typically opened in just a few minutes of receipt. This makes your group texting program the perfect medium for event reminders. You send out an email about the event a few weeks in advance and then text your subscribers the day before or the day of to remind them. This helps to increase attendance, keeping your members active and happy so they will continue to renew year after year.

Information About Pieces

Not everyone who comes to your museum will wish to take a guided tour or use an audio tour, even if you make it easy and have an app for smartphones. However, they might still have questions about particular pieces in your exhibitions. Post keywords on these pieces and create an auto response that has more information. You will only be able to send 160 characters in the text, but you could include a link to a web page that has even more information.

Discounted Tickets

Your group texting program also provides a space to send out discounted tickets. Although most of your members will be able to get in for free, they might wish to bring family or friends and take advantage of the discount. You might also have subscribers who have visited your museum but are not members, or there might be those who have let their membership lapse. Upon receiving a discount rate to come to an exhibit, they will be motivated to come back. Once you have them in the museum, you can try to get them to join as a member. You can also occasionally offer deals on your membership directly.

Easy Membership Renewal and Donations

One way to keep your members active is to make it easy for them to renew. You might have it set up to auto-renew, but not all museums have this option, and not all members wish to do it if you do. With group texting, you can make it easy. Send them a reminder that it is time to renew. Ask them if they would like to renew now, and then when they reply with YES, send them a link to enter their credit card information. You can do the same with donations.

It is also possible to set up a text to donate program for your fundraising efforts. With this, patrons can simply text a certain keyword to a number to donate a preset amount, such as $10. It is very easy for the patrons, but many non-profits find that it can be limiting. That is why they choose to send a link instead. Then, patrons can choose to give a much higher amount, and it does not cost as much as the text to donate programs.

Get Feedback

Texting lets you get feedback on your exhibitions from anywhere.

It is always important to engage with your members and other patrons and ensure that you are providing the best experience possible. Occasional feedback helps you to assess how well you are adhering to the wishes of your guests. Group texting makes it easy to get feedback through texting polls and surveys. With this information, you can continue to make improvements so that your members and guests continue to enjoy their experiences at your museum and wish to come again and again.

There are many other ways that you can use group texting to engage with your members and guests to keep your museum alive. It helps to facilitate engagement so that more and more of your guests will want to become members and return to your museum again and again to enjoy all your exhibitions and events.

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September 26, 2016

Most Common Questions Asked About SMS Marketing

Whether you are just about to start an SMS marketing campaign or are still trying to figure out if it is beneficial for your company, you probably have questions about the medium. It is common for people new to texting to be unsure about certain aspects of text message marketing. Even old pros sometimes forget some of the basics of the marketing channel. The following provides some answers to the most commonly asked questions to help you take the next step in your texting campaign.

Does SMS Marketing Only Work on Millennials?

Older generations text almost as much as Millennials do.

Although Millennials might text more than their older counterparts, the difference is not as much as you might think. All Millennial smartphone owners probably text. However, 98 percent of those between the ages of 30 and 49 text and 92 percent of those over the age of 50 text. Therefore, SMS marketing is not just for Millennials; it works for all generations.

Won't My Customers View the Messages As Spam?

When email marketing debuted, it was not long before spam became so excessive that filters became the norm. Now, only one percent of text messages are seen as spam. Plus, 70 percent of consumers surveyed believe that brands should text them more often. Consumers want to receive messages from their favorite companies and are more than willing to sign up.

What Type Of Information Will I Have About Subscribers?

This depends on how they signed up. For those who opt in through a keyword, you will simply have their mobile number. You might initially have more information from subscribers who sign up through another channel, such as an online form. As your campaign progresses, you can ask for more information from customers so that you can integrate the campaign with your other channels and more easily group the subscribers for targeted messages.

What Messages Do I Send?

You can send any type of message you want. Many businesses use their SMS marketing campaign as a way to send exclusive offers and deals to their customers. This works well, as the medium has a higher redemption rate than other channels. There is no need to stop there. It is possible to use texting to send out tips, reminders, invitations to events, transactional messages, customer service inquiries, polls, surveys and more. You can also run contests.

What Makes a Campaign a Success?

What makes the campaign a success depends a lot on your goals. Do you want to bring in a lot of subscribers, spread the word about your company, increase your sales, or enhance your customer service? You can't measure success unless you have metrics. The fundamental metric is your established goal. Your texting platform will have analytics you can review, including an opt-in rate, opt-out rate, conversion rate and redemption rate. Reviewing these will provide insight into how well your overall program performs.

How Often Should I Text?

The ideal frequency for texting varies based on the audience and the business. In general, the preferred number of texts is two to four per month. It is generally better to err on the side of too few texts than too many, since too many texts may annoy customers. However, you do not want to text so rarely that your customers forget that you have a texting program.

How Long Should a Text Be?

Text messages should be no longer than 160 characters. Although some newer smartphones appear to send messages that are a lot longer than that, that is not exactly the case. They still send the message, but broken up into 160 character chunks; it just does not appear that way to the user. Thus, sending longer texts could end up costing your subscribers more money. Keep it short and simple, and include a link to a web page if you have additional information you wish to share.

How Do I Get Subscribers?

Include information about your program on reciepts and flyers.

It is essential that you only send texts to those who have opted into your campaign, as texting is a permission-based marketing platform. Luckily, there are many ways to promote your SMS marketing campaign and get subscribers.

  • Add a line on your existing marketing and advertising that has a keyword and a short code and a short explanation of your program.
  • Promote it on your social media profiles and post about it.
  • Have information on your website.
  • Include it on receipts.
  • Have flyers in your store
  • Have your employees tell customers about it.
  • Alert your email subscribers about your new campaign.

As your promote your list, it will start to grow. Include some type of incentive, such as an exclusive discount, and watch your list grow even faster.

These are just a few of the most common questions that go beyond the basics of what is a keyword and short code or how much does it cost. SMS marketing is a lucrative marketing channel that shows no signs of slowing down. Take advantage of it today, and contact us if you still have any questions about the channel.

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